Wine Glass Stem Jewellery

By RiverSpirit

featuring 14kt Gold-Filled & Swarovski Crystal Beads

Welcome to my world of shimmerRings...

After quietly and reluctantly removing all the tired and rather shabby stem jewellery which had been handcrafted by my 9 year old daughter (and bought by me) at a primary school fundraiser (circa 2014), I reflected on how boring my wine glasses now appeared. It was time to invest in some new jewellery to bring back a bit of much needed pizzazz.

Not finding what I wanted in the market place, I considered what it was I was looking for. Something light & delicate that would sit easily on a stem, maybe a little clink or jangle, definitely a little glitz. I wanted quality too, for as sweet as they were initially, I had to move on from the tarnished, misshapen wire and plastic beads of yesterday!

So here we are today...This is my collection of shimmerRings all of which are made with a selection of 14kt Gold-Filled & Swarovski Crystal beads on 14kt Gold-Filled wire. They measure 28mm in diameter and are dainty & light (ensuring they won't scratch your drinks glasses).

'Gold-Filled' is certainly an odd description for jewellery with a surface mechanically bonded with up to 100 times more gold than gold plated, but there it is. More affordable than solid gold but a highly durable and quality material none the less. These shimmerRings make a special gift or a delightful treat for yourself.

I hope you enjoy browsing my site!

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